Friday, November 17, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
California Room (Hilton San Francisco)
#633 - Industrial Innovation in Process Design & Operations (10A01)
The session will focus on recent advances and future challenges in innovative process designs and operations. Papers on the latest industrial developments in process designs and operations and papers with industrial applications are particularly encouraged. The areas include but are not limited to: process intensification, integrated reaction-separation processes, catalytic systems, biological systems and process flowsheet designs and operations, novel material synthesis and high throughput techniques and solid processing operations with applications in green chemistry, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical sectors, that demonstrate improvement in performances. Papers that discuss computational tools, combined computational and experimental tools, methodologies and strategies for innovative process designs and operations are welcome.
Chair:Jhuma Sadhukhan
CoChair:Derrick Rollins
8:30 AMIntegration of Product Development, Process Design, and Operation on a Kilo-Plant
Yu Qian, Xiuxi Li, Yanbin Jiang
8:50 AMOptimal Operating Policies for Process Chemistries with Multiple Chemical Reactions
Derek W. Griffin, Duncan A. Mellichamp, Michael F. Doherty
9:10 AMShort-Term, Medium-Term, and Reactive Scheduling of an Industrial Polymer Batch Plant
Stacy L. Janak, Christodoulos A. Floudas, Josef Kallrath, Norbert Vormbrock
9:30 AMScale-up and Control of Fluidized Bed Production of Solar-Grade Silicon
Christy M. White, B. Erik Ydstie
9:50 AMIntegration of Cyclic Hoist Scheduling and Water-Reuse Network Design for Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
Qiang Xu
10:10 AMMulti-Objective Design Optimization of an Industrial Ldpe Tubular Reactor Using Jumping Gene Adaptations of Nsga and Constraint Handling Principle
Naveen Agrawal, Gade P. Rangaiah, Ajay K. Ray, Shard K. Gupta
10:30 AMTemporal Mixing for Attenuation of Time Dependent Variations
Oliver Smith, John E. Palamara, David R. Graham

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