Friday, November 17, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Imperial B (Hilton San Francisco)
#683 - Advances in Cell Culture and Bioreactors (T2010)
Recent advances in the development and design of mammalian cell reactors will be presented.
Chair:Sanjeev Katti
CoChair:Dhinakar Kompala
3:15 PMOptimization of in Vitro Erythropoieis for Genotoxicity Testing
Joe Shuga, Jing Zhang, Leona Samson, Harvey Lodish, Linda Griffith
3:36 PMModel-Based Optimisation of Mammalian Cell Cultures: a Case Study for Optimising Glucose and Glutamine Fed-Batch Profiles for CHO-IFNγ Cell Line
Carolyn M. C. Lam, Danny C. F. Wong, Miranda G. S. Yap, Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos, Athanasios Mantalaris
3:57 PMLiver Endothelial Cells Promote Ldl-R Expression and the Uptake of Hcv-like Particles in Primary Hepatocytes
Yaakov Nahmias, Monica Casali, Laurent Barbe, Francois Berthiaume, Martin L. Yarmush
4:18 PMInsights into Hepatic Metabolism from Flux Balance and Pathway Analyses
Hong Yang, Charles M. Roth, Marianthi Ierapetritou
4:39 PMEngineering Cancer-Specific Cis-Acting Intronic Regulators of Alternative Splicing as Novel Tools for Disease Detection and Treatment
Stephanie Culler, Christina Smolke
5:00 PMEffects of Igf-1 Modified Ehd Networks on Myoblastic Cell Proliferation
Erin E. Falco, Eve M. Rubinstein, J. Scott Roth, John P. Fisher
5:21 PMA Chemically Inducible Cucumber Mosaic Virus Amplicon Expression System for Production of Recombinant Human Therapeutics in Transgenic Plant Cell Cultures
Ting-Kuo Huang, Michael A. Plesha, Bryce W. Falk, Abhaya M. Dandekar, Karen A. McDonald

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