Thursday, November 16, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Sutter (Hilton San Francisco)
#600 - Multi-Functional Drug Delivery Systems (T2008)
This session will focus on drug delivery systems that incorporate diagnostics, detection, targeting, sequential release or other advanced technologies that add function to the drug delivery system.
Chair:Cory Berkland
CoChair:Moriah Nof
3:15 PMMolecular Delivery to Cells Facilitated by Corona Ions
Niraj Ramachandran, Andrew M. Hoff, Mark J. Jaroszeski
3:35 PMEnhanced Penetration into Drug-Resistant Tumor Tissue and Cytotoxicity of Doxorubicin Loaded on Gold Nanoparticles
Byoung-Jin Kim, Gang Han, Vincent Rotello, Neil S. Forbes
3:55 PMPolymeric Microneedles Encapsulating Drug for Controlled Release Delivery
Jung-Hwan Park, Mark G. Allen, Mark R. Prausnitz
4:15 PMVaccination Using Topical Formulations
Pankaj S. Karande, Daniel Stevens, Thien Kahn Pham, Samir Mitragotri
4:35 PMBreak
4:45 PMEncapsulating Indocyanine Green Using Novel Nanoparticle-Assembled Capsules
Jie Yu, Mohammad A Yaseen, Bahman Anvari, Michael S. Wong
5:05 PMImmuno-Targeting of Non Ionic Surfantant Vesicles
Elizabeth Hood, John Elliott, Monica Gonzalez, Joel Strom, Anna Plaas, Michael D. VanAuker
5:25 PMRigid-Liposomes with Engineered ‘Raft-Switches' for Controlled Release of Therapeutics
Shrirang Karve, Stavroula Sofou

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