Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Powell (Hilton San Francisco)
#529 - Advances in Protein Structure, Function, Analysis and Stability - II (T2005)
This session seeks submissions in the areas of experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches to rational prediction, design, and/or optimization of protein structure, stability, and function in laboratory and processing settings relevant to biopharmaceutical products in general. Studies may include structural analysis and engineering of proteins, creation or optimization of function, thermodynamics and dynamics of protein conformational stability, issues in folding or misfolding, degradation via physical and chemical routes, or related concerns in intracellular expression and refolding, purification, and final product formulation. Preference will be given to papers dealing with strategies that are relevant to commercial and biological systems and also provide insights into the molecular pathways or mechanisms controlling behavior.
Chair:Christopher J. Roberts
CoChair:Jeffrey J. Gray
12:30 PMStructure and Aggregation in a Simple Helix-Forming Polymer
James Magee, Leo Lue, Robin Curtis
12:50 PMSmart Polymer Enhanced Protein Refolding: Molecular Dynamic Simulation and Experimental Validation
Diannan Lu, Zheng Liu, Jianzhong Wu
1:10 PMComputer Simulation of Protein Aggregation Kinetics Using an Intermediate Resolution Model
Erin M. Phelps, Carol K. Hall
1:30 PMStructure, Stability and Formation of the Nucleus in Polyglutamine Aggregation
Allam S. Reddy, Manan Chopra, Nitin Rathore, Juan J. De Pablo
1:50 PMSalt Effects on the Aggregation of Amyloid Fibril Forming Proteins
James M. Broering, Victor Yeh, Andreas S. Bommarius
2:10 PMMolecular Insights into Interactions between Misfolded Proteins and Application to Prion Transmission Barriers
Peter M. Tessier, Susan Lindquist
2:30 PMProtein Aggregation at Interfaces Lipid Induced Amyloid-Beta Fibril Formation
Eva Y. Chi, Canay Ege, Shelli L. Frey, Ka Yee C. Lee

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