Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Sutter (Hilton San Francisco)
#418 - (22b) Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Biotechnology and Biomedicine (T8014)
Advanced materials that incorporate magnetic nanoparticles can be used in numerous fields, including bioseparations, hyperthermia treatment, drug delivery and toxin removal, medical diagnostics, and sensing devices. Abstracts are invited for presentations offering an experimental or theoretical approach to the design, development and application of magnetic nanoparticles for use in biotechnology or medicine. It is anticipated that papers will be submitted from researchers in the areas of pharmaceutics, transport and diffusional phenomena, nanotechnology, polymer science, biochemical engineering and biomedical systems.
Chair:Duane T. Johnson
CoChair:Carlos Rinaldi
3:15 PMMagnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents for Monitoring Drug Delivery in Vivo
Rozamond Y. Sweeney, Mark E. Davis
3:33 PMDispersion of Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Poly(D,L-Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Microparticles
Brian Grady, Drew Wassel, Rick Kopke, Ken Dormer
3:51 PMSize Controlled Synthesis of FeXPt100-X Nanoparticles for Self-Regulated Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia
Hitesh G. Bagaria, Chandan Srivastava, J.W. Harrell, David Nikles, Duane T. Johnson
4:09 PMNew Immunomagnetic Beads for T Cell Depletion
Xiaodong Tong, Maciej Zborowski, Sherif Farag, Jeffrey J. Chalmers
4:27 PMAnisotropic Encapsulation of Magnetite Nanocrystals in Biphasic Nanocolloids by Electrified Co-Jetting
Kyung-Ho Roh, Joerg Lahann
4:45 PMStudies of Implant Assisted Magnetic Drug Targeting
Misael O. Aviles, Armin D. Ebner, James A. Ritter
5:03 PMMulti-Functional Nano-Entities for Seamless Breast Cancer Detection and and Tumor Specific Treatment
Hanzhu Jin, Bin Hong, Sham Kakar, Kyung A. Kang
5:21 PMSynthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Hydrogels
Nitin S. Satarkar, J. Zach Hilt

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