Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 5 (Hilton San Francisco)
#214 - (22b) Symposium on the 65th Birthday of Prof. Clark Colton Part III (T8010)
This is a session of invited papers only by former students and friends of the leading figure of biomedical engineering in the last forty years. Promised papers will cover historical overview of the field, current subjects of research and the future of biomedical and biological engineering. Invited speakers who have agreed to present their views include his former major professor Ed Merrill (MIT), fis collaborator Ken Smith (MIT), the pioneers of the field Ed Leonard (Columbia)and Georges Belfort (RPI), and his former PhD students and postdoc fellows Robert Langer (MIT), Pieter Strove (UC Davis), Bruce Hamilton (NSF), Jay Schnitzer (Harvard Med School), Bob Bratzler (Corey Pharma), Ron Tompkins (Harvard Med School), Andrew Zydney (Penn State), Nicholas Peppas (Univ Texas), George Truskey (Duke), Vince Vilker (NIST), Martin Yarmush (Rutgers), Regina Murphy (Univ Wisconsin), Jerry Meldon (Tufts Univ) and many others.
Chair:Kenneth A. Smith
CoChair:Nicholas A. Peppas
12:30 PMNovel Charged Ultrafiltration Membranes for Protein Separations
Andrew Zydney, Amit Mehta
12:55 PMImmuno-Colton-Ization
Michael V. Sefton
1:20 PMVascular Cell Responses to Pressure
Rena Bizios
1:45 PMRole of Ion Channels in Shear Stress Sensing in Vascular Endothelium
Abdul I. Barakat
2:10 PMA New Paradigm for Low Fouling Synthetic Membranes: Balancing Electrostatics
Hongwei Liu, Arpan Nayak, Georges Belfort
2:35 PMPeptide Aggregation and Neurodegenerative Disease
Regina M. Murphy

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