Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Sutter (Hilton San Francisco)
#323 - (22b) Nanotechnology for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Industries (T8022)
This session seeks papers focusing on nanotechnologies for drug delivery, drug discovery/development, and drug manufacturing. Examples of specific topics include nanoparticles/emulsions for drug delivery, nanoengineering cell-based drug assays, patch clamp chips for drug screening/discovery, and process monitoring of active nanopharmaceuticals manufacturing.
Chair:Henry Y. Wang
CoChair:Shuichi Takayama
8:30 AMEx-Vivo Tissue Engineering in Inverted Colloidal Crystal Scaffolds with Nanostructured Surface Coating from Organic-Inorganic Composite
Nicholas A. Kotov, Jung Woo Lee, Joong Hwan Bangh, Meghan Caddihy, Edward Jan, Joan Nichols, Joaquin Cortiella
8:54 AMPhysicochemical Characteristics of Drug-Laden Nanofibers for Controlled Drug Delivery
Mohammad Munim Hussain, S. S. Ramkumar
9:18 AMSynthesizing Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment
Jennifer L. Phillips, Hitesh G. Bagaria, Duane T. Johnson
9:33 AMTowards the Large-Scale Chemical Self-Assembly Processing of Virus-like Particles
Yap Pang Chuan, Daniel Lipin, Anton P. J. Middelberg
9:57 AMNanoparticle Delivery of Stabilized Angiogenic Growth Factors
Samadhi Vitharana, Cory Berkland
10:21 AMConjugation of Fept Nanoparticlces with Biological Entities
Hitesh G. Bagaria, Jennifer L. Phillips, David Nikles, Duane T. Johnson
10:36 AMThe Design of Liposome-Based Anthrax Toxin Inhibitors
Prakash Rai, Chakradhar Padala, Vincent Poon, Arundhati Saraph, Saleem Basha, Sandesh Kate, Kevin Tao, Jeremy Mogridge, Ravi S. Kane

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