Friday, November 17, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Plaza A (Hilton San Francisco)
#647 - Supramolecular Assembly of Inorganic Materials II (TF012)
We invite contributions addressing the supramolecular self-assembly of nanoscale materials concentrating on the following two sessions. Session I centers on the directed self-assembly of nanoscale building blocks using controlled biological, biomolecular, and molecular interactions, while Session II focuses on the templated assembly of nanostructured inorganic materials, such as mesoporous/mesostructured materials, hybrid organic/inorganic porous frameworks, zeolites, and nanoparticle assemblies. Session II seeks presentations focusing on: (1) Fundamental aspects of self-assembly, (2) control of morphology and nanostructure, (3) compositional control, (4) structural properties, and (5) synthesis mechanisms.
Chair:Michael S. Wong
CoChair:Hugh W. Hillhouse
8:30 AMBlock Copolypeptides: Biomimetic Soft Matter and Its Use to Assemble Hard Matter
Daniel F. Shantz, Jeng-Shiung Jan
8:50 AMCarbamate-Dendrimer Directed Synthesis and Characterization of Uniform-Size Shell Cross-Linked Nanocages with Hydrophobic Interior Walls and Functionalized Cores
Jeong Kyu Lee, Young-Woong Suh, Mayfair C. Kung, Christopher Downing, Harold H. Kung
9:10 AMControlling Interfacial Curvature of Self-Assembled Mesoporous Thin Films by Controlling Cluster Size
Vikrant Urade, Luis Bollmann, Hugh W. Hillhouse
9:30 AMOrganizing Inorganic Nanoparticles into Microcapsules Using Polymer Aggregates
Michael S. Wong, Vinit S. Murthy, Jie Yu, Shyam Benegal
9:50 AMIntermission
9:55 AMMechanistic Links between Mesoporous and Microporous Silicate Synthesis
Raul F. Lobo, Joseph M. Fedeyko, Dionisios G. Vlachos, Jeffrey D. Rimer
10:15 AMFabrication of Distorted Cubic Mesoporous Silica Film Employing a Hydrophobic Organic Additive
Tatsuya Okubo, Sajo P. Naik, Toshiyuki Yokoi, Wei Fan, Yukichi Sasaki, Ta-Chen Wei, Hugh W. Hillhouse
10:35 AMHierarchical Silica Particles by Dynamic Multicomponent Assembly
Zhiwang Wu, Qingyuan Hu, Jiebin Pang, Yunfeng Lu

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