Thursday, November 16, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Continental 2 (Hilton San Francisco)
#589 - Fuel Cell Membranes II (08A10)
Membranes have played increasingly important roles on fuel cells. For fuel cells, membranes are involved in fuel processing in addition to proton-exchange membranes and membrane electrode assembly. In fuel processing, CO2- and H2-selective membranes can be used both in membrane reactor configuration to enhance water gas shift reaction and in the membrane permeation to purify H2, as well as O2-selective membranes can be employed for O2-enriched air production to increase (1) the H2 concentration in the reformed gas from the autothermal reforming or partial oxidation of liquid fuel (e.g., gasoline, diesel and/or jet fuel), natural gas or biomass and (2) the performance of fuel cell on the cathode side. Proton-exchange membranes and membrane electrode assembly, including cost-effective Nafion replacements particularly for 120 160C, are critical to the widespread use of fuel cells. Original and review papers on membranes for fuel cell applications, including (1) fuel processing, (2) proton-exchange membranes, and (3) membrane electrode assembly, are sought. Both fundamental and application aspects are welcome. We will include the papers on fundamental understanding through theory, modeling, and controlled experiments as well as engineering, application and scale-up studies.
Chair:Yossef A. Elabd
CoChair:Santi Kulprathipanja
3:15 PMTransport in Polymer Electrolytes for Fuel Cells: Physical Chemistry
Thomas Kalapos, Berryinne Chou, Hossein Ghassemi, Thomas Zawodzinski Jr.
3:40 PMProton Exchange Membranes with Controlled Morphologies
Robert Weiss, Montgomery Shaw, Jeffrey Gasa, Steven Swier, Smita Boob
4:05 PMDevelopment, Structure and Properties of Novel Wholly Aromatic Pore-Filling Electrolyte Membrane for Pemfcs and Dmfcs
Nobuo Hara, Takeo Yamaguchi
4:30 PMWater Transport in a Short Side Chain Pfsi Membrane: Differences between Cast and Extruded Membranes Subject to Different Thermal Treatments
Maria Chiara Ferrari, Jacopo Catalano, Marco Giacinti Baschetti, Maria Grazia De Angelis, Giulio C. Sarti
4:55 PMMechanical Properties of Nafion and Nafion/Titania Membranes for Pem Fuel Cells
M. Barclay Satterfield, Paul W. Majsztrik, Hitoshi Ota, Jay B. Benziger, Andrew B. Bocarsly
5:20 PMComposite Membranes Based on Post-Sulfonated Non-Florinated Aromatic Polymers
Nurcan Bac, Gultekin Akay, Sanjeev Mukerjee

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