Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Yerba Buena Ballroom 3 (Marriott San Francisco)
#201 - Polymer Processing and Rheology I (08A08)
This session welcomes contributions in all areas of polymer processing and rheology. Topics of interest include the relationships between molecular architecture and rheology, structure development during processing, modeling of polymer processing, the use of rheological measurements to optimize processing, and the influence of processing-induced morphology on product properties.
Chair:Raj K. Krishnaswamy
CoChair:Sachin Velankar
8:30 AMEarly Structure Development during Flow-Induced Crystallization of Bimodal Blends of Model Isotactic Polypropylenes
Lucia Fernandez-Ballester, Derek W. Thurman, Julia A. Kornfield
8:50 AMIn Situ Synchrotron Studies of Structure Development during Injection Molding of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer
Wesley R. Burghardt, Stanley Rendon
9:10 AMThe Role of Flow-Enhanced Crystallization in the Dynamics of Fiber Spinning
Anthony J. McHugh, William H. Kohler
9:30 AMPredicting the Coupled Development of Flow Induced Nanostructure, Rheology, and Performance Properties of Polymer/Nanoparticle Composites
Christopher Kagarise, Kurt W. Koelling, Stephen E. Bechtel
9:50 AMEffect of Processing Parameters on Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Plla Using Micro-Injection Molding
Abdessalem Derdouri, Abdellah Ajji, Yacine Boucekine
10:10 AMInfluence of Residual Stresses on the Creep Rupture Performance of Polyethylene Pipes
Raj K. Krishnaswamy
10:30 AMHigh-Speed Microstructuring of Polymer Films Driven by a Fluid Dynamical Instability
Stefan Loher, Wendelin J. Stark

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