Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Yerba Buena Ballroom 1 (Marriott San Francisco)
#464 - Structure and Properties of Polymers III: Dynamics of Glass Formers (08A01)
Understanding the dynamics of glass forming materials both above and below the glass temperature is of fundamental and practical importance. Here we solicit papers in the following areas: microscopic and molecular mechanisms of dynamics in glass-forming liquids; fragility dielectric spectroscopy; mechanical spectroscopy; linear and nonlinear response; effects of confinement on dynamics; pressure, volume and temperature influences on dynamics; and dynamics in the glassy state.
Chair:Easan Sivaniah
CoChair:Roland Faller
3:15 PMNon-Monotonic Glass Transition Profile in Ultrathin Polymer Films and Spatial Cooperation Towards the Glass Transition
Rene M. Overney, Scott Sills
3:36 PMMonte Carlo Simulations of the Glass Transition in Polyethylene
Rajesh Khare, Orestis Alexiadis, Vlasis Mavrantzas, Arlette Baljon
3:57 PMModification of Glass Transition Behavior by Confinement in 1-Dimensional Polymer Nanopatterns
John M. Torkelson, Manish K. Mundra, Suresh K. Donthu, Vinayak P. Dravid
4:18 PMEffect of Confinement on the Relaxation Dynamics in an Antiplasticized Polymer Melt
Robert A. Riggleman, Juan J. De Pablo
4:39 PMStructure, Dynamics and Gas Transport Characteristics of Rubbery Polymer Networks and Nanocomposites
Sumod Kalakkunnath, Michael K. Danquah, Scott T. Matteucci, Roy D. Raharjo, Benny D. Freeman, Douglass S. Kalika
5:00 PMDependence of Physical Properties and Morphology of Acrylate/Epoxy Ipns
Joseph R. Nowers, Balaji Narasimhan
5:21 PMGradient Copolymers with Continuous Distributions of Nanoenvironments Yield Glass Transition Temperatures over 50-80 K in Breadth
John M. Torkelson, Jungki Kim, Michelle Mok, Robert W. Sandoval, Christopher Wong

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