Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Yerba Buena Ballroom 1 (Marriott San Francisco)
#528 - Advances in Porous Inorganic Materials I (08D04)
The papers in this session will describe new directions in the synthesis and applications of porous inorganic materials. Examples of relevant materials include mesoporous ceramics, semiconductor nanotubes, and porous nanoparticle assemblies. Of special interest are hierarchical synthesis methods, synthesis and applications of environmentally responsive materials, and novel applications of porous inorganic materials.
Chair:Stephen E. Rankin
CoChair:Yunfeng Lu
12:30 PMThe Formation of Solvent-Induced Porosity in Thin Hydrogen Silsesquioxane Films Via the Use of Co-Solvent Organic Mixtures as Gelation Agents and Pore Generators
Jassem A. Abdallah, Sue Ann Bidstrup-Allen, Paul A. Kohl
12:50 PMSba-15/Zeolite Composites by Solid Phase Crystallization and Carbon Templating
J. Wang, Marc-Olivier Coppens
1:10 PMControlling Zeolite Crystal Morphology Using Oil/Water/Surfactant Mixtures
Daniel F. Shantz
1:30 PMMesoporous Calcium Phosphate Nanorods
Agnes Ostafin, Stephanie Schmidt
1:50 PMMesoporous Carbon Nanocapsules from Enzymatically Polymerized Polyphenols Confined in Silica Aerosol Particles
Tonghua Zheng, Jingjing Zhan, Jiebin Pang, Grace Tan, Jibao He, Gary L McPherson, Yunfeng Lu, Vijay T. John
2:10 PMInvestigation of the Formation Mechanism of Single Walled Aluminogermanate Nanotubes
Sanjoy Mukherjee, Keesuk Kim, Sankar Nair
2:30 PMIn Situ Saxs/Waxs of Zeolite Synthesis with Microwave Heating
Bernard Panzarella, Geoffrey A. Tompsett, William C. Conner

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