Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Mason (Hilton San Francisco)
#524 - (22c) Nanowires I: Synthesis (TF005)
This session will address synthesis strategies using vapor phase, solution, electrochemical and template based techniques etc. Characterization, imaging and in-situ studies of growth etc.
Chair:Mahendra K. Sunkara
CoChair:Jason B. Baxter
12:30 PMNanocrystal-Mediated Crystallization of Silicon and Germanium Nanowires in Organic Solvents: the Role of Catalysis and Solid-Phase Seeding
Hsing-Yu Tuan, Doh C. Lee, Brian A. Korgel
12:55 PMSynthesis of Silicon-Germanium Alloy Nanowires Using Vapor-Liquid-Solid Method
Praveen Meduri, Mahendra K. Sunkara
1:20 PMFabrication of Double-Gyroid Structure Nanowire Arrays
Hugh W. Hillhouse, Michael Tate, Vikrant Urade
1:45 PMTemplate Synthesis of Gold/Conducting Polymer Composite Nanowires
Samantha Meenach, Jared Burdick, Joseph Wang
2:10 PMFabrication of Novel Nanostructures Using Ordered Porous Templates
Devesh Srivastava, Ilsoon Lee
2:35 PMCvd Growth of Gallium Nitride Nanowire Using Patterned Substrates
Zhen Wu, Christiaan Richter, Latika Menon

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