Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Continental 5 (Hilton San Francisco)
#41 - Plenary Session I on Membranes and Bioseparations Honoring Professor Ed Lightfoot (02D11)
This session will deal with invited talks in the area of membrane fundamentals, and applications in emerging and biological area. This session is co-sponsored by 2G.
Chair:D. Bhattacharyya
CoChair:Norman N. Li
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AMTransport Phenomena in Viral-Vectored Vaccines and Genome Sequencing
D. Keith Roper
9:11 AMMembranes, Phase Interfaces and Separations: Novel Techniques and Membranes -- an Overview
Kamalesh K. Sirkar
9:47 AMMembrane Processes in the Biotechnology Industry
Robert Van Reis
10:23 AMCorrelation of Protein–Protein Cross Interactions with Separations Behavior
Xuankuo Xu, Yu-Chia Cheng, Peter M. Tessier, Vincent Verruto, Stanley I. Sandler, Abraham M. Lenhoff

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