Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Yosemite A (Hilton San Francisco)
#397 - Modeling Transport through Membranes (02D04)
Papers are sought in all areas of membrane transport from molecular transport in membrane materials to mass transfer in membrane modules. Work related to applications in fuel processing, energy production, and bioseparations is of particular interest.
Chair:Ruth E. Baltus
CoChair:G. Glenn Lipscomb
12:30 PMDesign of Novel Porous Membranes for High Efficient CO2/N2 Separation Using Combinatorial Simulation Technique
Hiromitsu Takaba, Yudai Ohta, Shin-ichi Nakao
12:50 PMDiffusion through Membranes from Spatially Distributed Sources
Eugene E. Ley, Christopher E. Goodyer, Annette L. Bunge
1:10 PMEffects of Morphological Properties on the Permeability of Reconstructed Porous Media
Le Yan, Karsten E. Thompson
1:30 PMMolecular Simulations of Pervaporation Separations Using Zeolite Membranes
Wei Jia, Sohail Murad
1:50 PMExperimental and Model Description of Combined Effects between Stress and Diffusion in Glassy Polymers
Maria Chiara Ferrari, Marco Giacinti Baschetti, Ferruccio Doghieri, Giulio C. Sarti
2:10 PMPermeability of H in Pd-Based Alloys Using Density Functional Theory
Shekar Sonwane, Jennifer Wilcox, Yi Hua Ma
2:30 PMPredicting Hydrogen Permeance in Composite Pd-Porous Support Membranes
Federico Guazzone, Yi Hua Ma

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