Monday, November 13, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Yosemite B (Hilton San Francisco)
#144 - Novel Techniques for Membrane Characterization and Functionalization (02D01)
Papers are sought that describe novel approaches to characterizing membrane structure and performance. Contributions that describe new methods for membrane functionalization and characterization are of special interest.
Chair:Kamalesh K. Sirkar
CoChair:Stephen M. Ritchie
3:15 PMPei/MCM-48 Composite Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation
Parveen Kumar, Vadim V. Guliants, Sangil Kim, Junichi Ida, Jerry Y. S. Lin
3:33 PMModification of Ultrafiltration Membranes by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Nripen Singh, Zhen Chen, Scott Husson, Ranil Wickramasinghe
3:51 PMCharacterization of the Gelation Process in the Preparation of Ppesk Asymmetric Ultrafiltration Membrane
Binbing Han, M. Nazmul Karim, Peiyong Qin, Zhen Chen, Cuixian Chen, Jiding Li, Srinivas Karra
4:09 PMSurface Modification of Membranes by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
Malancha Gupta, Karen K. Gleason
4:27 PMCharacterizing Membrane Surface Charge by Contact Angle Titration
Gil Hurwitz, Eric M. V. Hoek
4:45 PMSurface Energies of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Membranes for Pervaporation
Md. Nasim Hyder, Robert Y.M. Huang, Pu Chen
5:03 PMFundamental Characterization of Surface Mineral Crystallization on Aromatic Polyamide Ro Membrane Surfaces
Nancy H. Lin, Gregory T. Lewis, Wen-Yi Shih, Michal Uchymiak, Yoram Cohen
5:21 PMSurface Modification of Commercial Water Treatment Membranes by Ion Beam Irradiation
Rama Chennamsetty, Isabel Escobar

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