Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Yerba Buena Ballroom 6 (Marriott San Francisco)
#227 - Composites II (08F01)
This session seeks contributions that address new developments concerning the processing, structure, and properties of advanced composites. Theoretical, modeling, and/or experimental papers are solicited. Materials of interest include polymeric composites, environment-friendly composites, smart composites, biologically compatible composites, and nanocomposites. Novel applications and industrial case studies are encouraged.
Chair:Giuseppe R. Palmese
CoChair:E. Jason Robinette
12:30 PMWelcoming Remarks
12:35 PMExfoliated Nanocomposite Powders- a Route to Lower-Cost Fillers
Sudhakar Balijepalli, Daniel Simmons, Irina Graf, Nickless Brian
12:55 PMGas Separation Using Bromine Modified 2,4-Dimethyl-1,6-Phenylene Oxide/Silica Nanocomposite Membranes
Xudong Hu, Hailin Cong, Youqing Shen, Maciej Radosz
1:15 PMMechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Systems
George J. Papakonstantopoulos, Emmanouil Doxastakis, Mihail Vladkov, Jean-Louis Barrat, Juan J. De Pablo
1:35 PMBenign Process for Generating Low Density and Microcellular Poly(Ether Sulfone) Nanocomposite Foam
Desmond J. VanHouten, Dr. Donald G. Baird
1:55 PMNanocomposites of Polyurethane Elastomers
J. J. Huang, Shawna M. Liff, Gareth H. McKinley, M. C. Boyce
2:15 PMCyanate Ester/Trisilanolphenyl-Poss Nanocomposites
Kaiwen Liang, Hossein Toghiani, Charles U. Pittman
2:35 PMMicromechanics Simulations of the Viscoelastic Properties of Pbx-9501 by Material Point Method
Liping Xue, Oleg Borodin, Grant D. Smith
2:55 PMConcluding Remarks

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