Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Powell (Hilton San Francisco)
#443 - Experimental Methods in Adsorption (02E09)
This session will focus on the different experimental techniques used for pure and multi-component adsorption. Experimental studies dealing with determination of equilibrium and kinetic parameters of liquid or gas adsorption systems are welcomed
Chair:Gino V. Baron
CoChair:Marcus Dutra e Mello
3:15 PMWelcoming Remarks
3:18 PMInvestigation of Adsorption Equilibria of Pure Gases (Co,Co2,Ch4) and Their Binary and Ternary Mixtures at T=293 K for Pressures up to 1.1 Mpa on Activated Carbon (Acal)
Juergen U. Keller, Nadia Iossifova, Cem Demirhan, Marc Seelbach
3:39 PMSorption Measurements of Alkanes on Zeolites under Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium
Reiner Staudt, Andreas Moeller
4:00 PMUltra-Low Concentration Adsorption Equilibrium for N-Alkanes on Bpl Carbon
Bryan J. Schindler, M. Douglas LeVan, Leonard C. Buettner
4:21 PMA Simple Sorption Experiment Designed for the Support of Hydrogen Storage Materials Development
John M. Zielinski, Peter McKeon, Michael F. Kimak
4:42 PMThe Partial Loading Zero Length Column Experiment
Stefano Brandani
5:03 PMX-Ray Microtomography: a Useful Method to Study the Dynamics of Organic and Water Vapours Adsorption on Carbon Filters
Angélique Léonard, Silvia Blacher, Michel Crine, Peter Lodewyckx
5:24 PMProtein Transport in Charged Agarose Gels Studied by Optical Microscopy in Microfluidics Devices
Emily B. Belcher, Giorgio Carta

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