Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Sutter (Hilton San Francisco)
#21 - Environmental Applications of Adsorption I (02E04)
This session will focus on experimental and theoretical studies on adsorption separations for environmental applications far gas and liquid systems. Abstracts for presentations addressing different issues in these areas are solicited.
Chair:F. Handan Tezel
8:30 AMDonnan Principle Based Hybrid Nanosorbents for Selective Environmental Separation
Arup K. Sengupta, Pavan K. Puttamraju
8:50 AMPolymeric Chelating-Adsorbents and Their Use in the Adsorption of Arsenic Ions from Aqueous Solutions
Lian Wang, Jerker Porath, Roberto Guzman
9:10 AMUsing Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide Adsorption to Estimate Arsenic(V) Bioaccessibility in Soils
Peter I. Ravikovitch, Alexander V. Neimark, Konstantinos C. Makris, Dibyendu Sarkar, Rupali Datta
9:30 AMAdsorption of Bacillus Subtilus on Carbon Nanotubes and Other Porous Media
Venkata Krishna K. Upadhyayula, Shuguang Deng, Geoffrey B. Smith, Lyle Young, Martha C. Mitchell, David E. Smith, Paul K. Andersen, Yunitan T. Zhu, Babetta L. Marrone, Fred M. Mueller
9:50 AMTreatment of Cu-Cmp Waste Streams Containing Copper (II) Using Polyethyleneimine (Pei)
Worawan Kay Maketon, Kimberly Ogden
10:10 AMAdsorption of Chromium(VI) from Aqueous Solution on a Surfactant Modified Zeolite
Roberto Leyva-Ramos, Paola E. Diaz-Flores, Araceli Jacobo-Azuara, Laura Fuentes-Rubio, Rosa M. Guerrero-Coronado
10:30 AMProcess Analysis of Biosorption Kinetics of Heavy Metal Ions
Liyan Liu, Xingang Li, Jinsheng Sun

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