Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Lombard (Hilton San Francisco)
#386 - Emerging Cyber Infrastructure Trends and Capabilities (10E04)
The session concentrates on chemical engineering and the emerging ‘scientific enterprise’ where science, computation and information technology are integrated. It is about the build out of IT infrastructure,i.e. the cyber infrastructure, and the innovative application of that infrastructure as a necessary means of doing research and development in frontier technologies. The scientific environment is recognized as large, complex, heterogeneous and distributed. Aggregation, compilation, exchange, and study of data are significant. Cyber infrastructure provides the vehicle for external and internal exchange and contribution and plays a vital role in the business of conducting research. It also facilitates the evaluation and solution of complex problems previously considered to be intractable. Papers about local, regional, national and international activities or case studies in companies, universities, institutes, foundations, and government are all welcome. A series of in-depth presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion to further explore this topic with everyone in attendance.
Chair:Larry Megan
CoChair:James F. Davis
12:30 PMA Cyber-Infrastructure for Catalysis Science
James M. Caruthers, W. Nicholas Delgass, Michael J. McLennan, Balachandra B. Krishnamurthy, Sumantra Nandi, Leif L. Delgass, Honggang Wang, Laura L. Arns, Steven R. Dunlop, Shou-Huan Hsu, Michael E. Lasinski, Seza Orcun, Gary E. Blau, Ayush Goyal, Jun Cao, Samual P. Midkiff
12:55 PMThe Infrastructure in Cyberinfrastructure: Observations of Large Scale Investments in Asia
Sangtae Kim
1:20 PMA Multidisciplinary Cyberinfrastructure Approach
Ignacio E. Grossmann, Jeffrey Linderoth
1:45 PMOpportunities for Cyberinfrastructure Funding in Nsf's Engineering Directorate
Maria K. Burka
2:10 PMCollaboration Technologies in Engineering and Science
Peter Siegel
2:35 PMPanel Discussion on Emerging Cyberinfrastructure
Larry Megan, Jim Davis

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