- 9:10 AM

Accelerating New Drugs Identification through Multi-Centric Research and Investment: a Brazilian Biotech Case

Isabela Drummond, Gabriel Braga, Eduardo Soares, and Denise Golgher. Biominas, José Cândido da Silveira Avenue, 2100 - Horto, Belo Horizonte, 31.170-000, Brazil

The average cost of developing new drugs has increased significantly in the last decades, whereas the productivity of big pharma's investments in R&D has decreased. Nevertheless, the search for new drugs has never been so vigorous. Diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and neuropsychiatry disorders lead the interest of companies on new compounds development. Additionally, the cost of developing a new drug in emerging countries is significantly lower. That, allied to the fact that natural extracts have been historically major sources for new medicines, has supported the structuration of Biodiversa Brasil, a company that seeks to identify new drugs by accessing Brazilian's phyto and marine biodiversity. Biodiversa allocates researchers with expertise in specific biologic assays to carry on numerous target-oriented screenings, in association with other biotech companies. Current pipeline, partnership and funding strategies will be discussed.