- 2:30 PM

Cellulase Activity on Thin Films of Cellulose by Qcm and Spr

Xavier Turon, Kelley Spence, and Orlando J. Rojas. College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University, 2820 Faucette Drive, Raleigh, NC 27695

We monitored the enzymatic hydrolysis on thin films of cellulose, in situ and real time by using a piezoelectric sensing device (Quartz Crystal Microbalance, QCM) and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). Cellulose thin films were deposited on piezoelectric resonators using spin coating technique. Films of different crystallinity were also prepared by using self assembly of cellulose-thiol derivatives on gold substrates. By using QCM and SPR we elucidated the role of hydration water in view of the dynamics of enzyme binding and substrate degradation. We focused on the activity of isolated endoglucanases as compared to multi-component commercial enzyme mix. The activity of each kind of cellulase was determined under different conditions of temperature, pH and enzyme dose. Kinetic parameters of enzyme binding to the substrate and degradation rates were obtained from curve fittings of the changes with time of the tested thin films.