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Development of Rapid-Cycle Hydrogen Psa to Purify Cpo Syngas

Soheil Alizadeh Khiavi and Surajit Roy. Advanced Development, QuestAir Technologies Inc., 6961 Russell Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5J4R8, Canada

Development of Rapid-Cycle Hydrogen PSA to Purify CPO Syngas

Among different separation technologies pressure swing adsorption, PSA, is an efficient and proven technology that has been used for decades in gas separation industries. Quest Air provides an intensified process for hydrogen purification called Rapid Cycle PSA Technology. This intensified process provides an efficient and compact gas separation solution. The process is an excellent fit to the compact hydrogen/power generation systems. Such systems may consist of several major components: reformer, PSA, Fuel cell, etc. QuestAir Technologies Inc. has taken major steps to develop rapid cycle PSA technology for hydrogen purification. Process diagram of the system provides configuration of the overall system. Process intensification concept is critical for this advanced gas separation technology. The technology has been introduced by means of its key enabling components: complex PSA process, structured adsorbent beds, and unique rotary valves. Quest Air's methodology to develop rapid cycle separation technology includes process development and modeling, adsorbent development, bed development and testing, machine design and fabrication, prototype testing, model verification, and performance prediction. The work is concluded by a comparison between conventional PSA and Quest Air's Rapid Cycle PSA, and the path forward.

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