- 9:57 AM

Optimization of Microfluidic Biofuel Cells Using Transport Principles

Anubhav Tripathi1, Keng Guan Lim2, and Tayhas Palmore2. (1) Engineering, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912, (2) Division of Engineering, Brown University, Box D, Providence, RI 02912

Microfluidic biofuel cells exploit the lack of convective mixing at low Reynolds number to eliminate the need of a physical membrane to separate fuel from oxidant. In the presence of convective flow, however, the thickness of the diffusion layer above the surface of the electrode varies along the length of the electrode and thus affects the average mass flux towards the electrode. The study presents a theoretical and experimental study to understand the role of fluid flow rate, microchannel geometry and the location of electrodes within a microchannel on the performance of a microfluidic biofuel cell. A transport model based on convective-diffusion-reaction fluxes is developed for optimum condition for maximum production of current.