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Characterization of Cubic Mesoporous Tio2 Thin Films by Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Porosimetry Technique

Jean Philippe Piel, Patrice Heinrich, Yann Turcant, and Jean Louis Stehlé. SOPRA, 26 Rue Pierre Joigneaux, Bois-Colombes, 92270, France

Characterization of cubic mesoporous TiO2 thin films by spectroscopic ellipsometric  porosimetry technique.




SOPRA, 26 rue Pierre Joigneaux, 92270 Bois-Colombes, France

Phone: +33 1 46 49 67 00, jeanphilippe.piel@sopra-sa.com

Spectroscopic  ellipsometry is the technique of choice to characterise thickness and indices of thin layers. Atmospheric EP (EPA) measures the change of the optical properties and thickness of the materials during adsorption and desorption of wet air at atmospheric pressure. Concentration of humidity changes at each step of measurement from dry air to saturated air in humidity. This technique becomes an effective method to characterize porosity, pore size distribution (PSD) and Young modulus of porous films. Detailed description of the technique will be exposed in the paper and several meso-porous films (with pore size larger than 1nm) using the Kelvin formalism will be presented. The porosity of the layer ranges from few percent up to 40%.

Using this technique, it becomes possible to characterize in term of porosity and pore size distribution the effect of thermal curing of TiO2 which is widely used in the photocatalysis and photovoltaic industries . The influence of the extraction of CTAB in TEOS matrix (CS 10 material) with ethanol and thermal treatment will also be presented in this paper.



Kewwords : Ellipsometric porosimetry, meso-pores, Young modulus, TiO2, Photocatalysis, Photovoltaic.