Microfibrous Supported Catalysts/Sorbents: High Contacting Efficiency Heterogeneous Contacting Systems

Ranjeeth R. Kalluri and Bruce J. Tatarchuk. CM3, Dept. of Ch. E. , Auburn University, 230 Ross Hall , Auburn University,, Auburn, AL 36849

An innovative contacting system involving Microfibrous Supported Catalyts/Sorbents (MSCS) showed higher reaction rates compared to packed beds and monoliths. MSCS systems use 50-300 micron in diameter catalyst/sorbent particles entrapped within a microfibrous matrix. The radial micro mixing and elimination of channeling achieved using this micro-structured material lead to better utilization of catalysts. High voidages and ease of pleating microfibrous media helped reduce the pressure drop considerably.Choice of metal, polymer or ceramic microfibers can be made depending on the operating conditions of the application.