- 10:10 AM

Industrial Scale Processes for Nanomaterials to Enable Commercial Applications

Harry Sarkas, Glenn Judd, Daniel C. Coy, Patrick G. Murray, Dr. Roger H. Cayton, and R. W. Brotzman Jr. Nanophase Technologies Corporation, 1319 Marquette Drive, Romeoville, IL 60446

Nanophase Technologies Corporation (NTC) has developed an integrated platform of commercially scaled technologies to deliver tailored nanoparticle products to target market applications. Nanocrystalline metal oxide particles are produced by physical vapor synthesis techniques these processes vaporize precursors to form plasmas, followed by rapid quenching to induce condensation and formation of metal oxide nano-crystallites. To enable most market applications, nanoparticles require surface treatment and dispersion. NTC developed proprietary and patent pending surface treatment and dispersion processes designed to provide dispersion into fluids (aqueous, alcohol, and hydrocarbons), to prevent particle agglomeration, to be compatible with formulation ingredients, and to passivate or enhance nanoparticle surface chemistry.

This approach to the market increases product value and decreases the time to market for new product introductions.

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