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Computational Flow Modeling of Multiphase Flow in Microfluidic Devices and Capillaries

L. Srinivasa Mohan1, Anirudh Mukhopadhyay2, and Ahmad H. Haidari2. (1) Fluent India Pvt Ltd., Plot no. 34/1, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, MIDC, Hinjewadi, Pune 411057, India, (2) Fluent Inc., 10 Cavendish Court, Lebanon, NH 03766

In this paper illustrates how the Volume of Fluid (VOF) model implemented in a commercial CFD code, FLUENT, can be used to track the motion of a fluid-fluid interfaces, in microfluidic devices and capillaries flows in micro-channels. The work presented demonstrates the efficacy of the VOF technique to model multiphase flows at these length scales by modeling 1. The fluid break up at production of droplets at a T-junctions 2. The geometrically mediated breakup of a droplets 3. The rise of a liquid in a capillary. The results in each case are compared with experiments when possible.