- 2:15 PM

Development of Cape-Open Unit Operations for Advanced Power Systems Modeling

David A. Swensen, Reaction Engineering International, 77 West 200 South, Suite #210, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Reaction Engineering International (REI) is developing a suite of CORBA CAPE-OPEN compliant unit operations to support the Department of Energy NETL Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulation (APECS) framework for advanced power systems. One of these components will provide an interface to the GateCycle software, which is widely used in the power generation industry for process modeling. Additional CAPE-OPEN components will provide modeling capabilities of varying fidelity for equipment such as a gasifier, air separation unit, syngas cooler, solid oxide fuel cell and water-gas shift reactor. The models used in the components will be a combination of those developed by REI and proprietary models developed by members of the Project's industrial interest group.