- 5:20 PM

Careers of Women Scientists and Engineers in Industrial Chemistry: Results from Project Enhance

Ruth E. Fassinger, Department of Counseling and Personnel Services, University of Maryland, 3214 Benjamin Building, College of Education, College Park, MD 20742, Sandra C. Greer, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Maryland, Building 090, College Park, MD 20742, and Judith Giordan, Aileron Partners, 1 Trimont Lane, Suite 530B, Pittsburgh, PA 15211.

Project ENHANCE is a four-year NSF-funded (HRD/GSE #0228007) study aimed at enhancing the participation and success of women trained in science and engineering who are currently working in industrial science and technology. Using the chemical industry as the model sector, Project ENHANCE: A) Documents and analyzes the professional experiences of more than 1700 women formally trained in science and engineering and more than 200 managers currently working in 25 Fortune-1000 chemical companies in order to identify factors that impede or facilitate women's careers; B) Identifies and disseminates effective corporate practices, as identified by women and management, in the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women formally trained in science and engineering. Project ENHANCE is currently in its final phase of analysis and dissemination of results.

In this presentation, an overview of the goals, methods, results, and implications of the study will be offered. Results are taken from quantitative web-based surveys of both women and management, follow-up qualitative interviews with both women and management, and documentation of “best practices” (as reported by both women and management) regarding company and professional organization initiatives aimed at supporting the careers of women in industrial chemistry. Topics to be included in highlighting the results of the study are success and advancement, workplace climate and company support, the home-work interface, and programs and initiatives aimed at supporting women (with particular emphasis on mentoring). Perspectives of both women and management will be addressed in this presentation. Data regarding diverse subgroups of women (e.g., racial/ethnic minority women) also will be included.

Web Page: enhance.technopsychology.com