- 8:55 AM

Aspen Technology's Current and Future Support for Cape-Open Standards

Michael R. Gobler and Suphat Watanasiri. Aspen Technology, Inc., Ten Canal Park, Cambridge, MA 02141

Aspen Technology has a long history of support of the CAPE-OPEN standards. Current products that implement the CAPE-OPEN standards for unit operations and thermodynamics include Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, and Aspen Properties. In this presentation, we will review our current implementation and future support for the CAPE-OPEN standards. We will discuss our work in supporting the new Thermodynamics interface 1.1 in Aspen HYSYS, including interoperability tests with software from other vendors, such as Multiflash from Infochem. Implementation of the new CAPE-OPEN interfaces for refinery reactor models in Aspen RefSYS will also be discussed.