- 4:55 PM

Thermodynamic Utility Importance and Potential Cape-Open Standard

Ensheng Zhao, Honeywell Process Solutions, Honeywell Inc., 5935 Centre Street South, Calgary, AB T2H 0C2, Canada, Murugesh Palanisamy, Automation & Control Solutions, Honeywell Inc., Bangalore, India, and Sanjoy Saha, Honeywell Process Solutions, 5935 Centre Street South, Calgary, AB AB T2H 0C2, Canada.

Thermodynamic utilities, such as hydrate formation, asphaltene formation, phase envelope, corrosion analyzer etc. are important tools in a simulator. Since there are different approach of these calculations, some company has there own models different from supplied by the simulator. To be able to plug in customized thermodynamic utilities, an open system is needed.

In this presentation, an open system based on UniSim Thermo in UniSim Design will be demonstrated; also, the structure of the open system will be shown and discussed.