- 1:56 PM

New Design Method for Crude Fractionation

Miguel J. Bagajewicz1, Kitipat Siemanond2, and Kitisak Junlobol2. (1) Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 100 E. Boyd St., T-335, Norman, OK 73019, (2) Chulalongkorn University, Chula Soi 12, Phyathai Rd, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

In a recent string of papers (Bagajewicz et al, IECR) a new methodlogy to design crude fractionation columns has been presented. The methodology makes use of process simulation to determine fractionation needs in conjunction with heat demand supply diagrams. This allowed the appropriate determination of pump around circuits loads to minimize energy consumption. This is a targeting method that uses the well-know “plus-minus” principle of pinch technology. The technique provided good targets for subsequent heat exchanger network designs.

In this paper, we replace the demand-supply diagrams by HEN,MILP-based, synthesis methods (Barbaro and Bagajewicz, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 2005), thus capturing the level of pumparound loads that lead to most appropriate balance between capital and energy costs. Examples for different crude densities will be provided.