Community-Extensible Software and Database for Predicting Combustion Kinetics

William H. Green Jr., Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Room 66-270, Cambridge, MA 01239

An important recent development in the combustion chemistry community is the launch of the PriMe project, a collaboration between more than a dozen leading researchers to develop a more efficient and effective community process for upgrading combustion chemistry. This talk will present the latest version of the freely-available PrIMe database and software for building combustion chemistry models, and explain the process for accessing (and contributing to) these community tools and information. The speaker will present a vision for how the PrIMe cyber-infrastructure will significantly improve the process by which the combustion community uses and adds to chemical knowledge, and how it will facilitate the construction of models suitable for making predictions. Several different applications to pyrolysis chemistry and ignition chemistry will be presented as examples.

Web Page: primekinetics.org