- 9:05 AM

Nanoporous Thin Film Technology

Michael Tsapatsis, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Dept., University of Minnesota, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, 421 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0132

Nanoporous molecular sieve films can find use as selective membranes and as hosts enabling guest organization for nanostructures with novel properties including optoelectronic and thermoelectric materials. The indisputable advantage of these films is the subnanometer precision of pore structure architectures dictated by the crystalline nature of these materials. However, the crystallinity also poses enormous challenges when one attempts to prepare thin films and it is well recognized that future developments rely on our ability to develop cost effective and scalable film processing. This talk will focus on recent developments and research opportunities in this interdisciplinary area of chemical engineering, materials science and nanotechnology including: Nucleation and growth from metastable precursor nanoparticles. Crystal shape control using organic structure directing agents. Physical and chemical methods for micro- and nano-crystal attachment. Thin film growth and assembly from pre-organized nanostructures. MolecularSieve-Polymer Nanocomposites.