- 1:54 PM

New Cape-Open Unit Operations Socket in Equation-Oriented Process Modelling Environment

Constantinos C. Pantelides, Thomas H. Williams, Ben R. Keeping, and Deepa Rethinam. Process Systems Enterprise Ltd, Bridge Studios, 107a Hammersmith Bridge Road, London, W6 9DA, United Kingdom

The CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations Socket is intended to enable Process Modelling Environments (PMEs) to embed and execute simulation models that are packaged in a CAPE-OPEN unit wrapper. A new Unit Operation Socket in the gPROMS equation-oriented modelling environment demonstrates the ability to incorporate models of many different origins for example, Fluent Computational Dynamic models, purpose-written models in variety of languages, and legacy code where the source code has been lost within an equation-oriented modelling framework. Once such models are linked via the CAPE-OPEN interfaces they are executed and behave just like any other procedural models within the problem solution.

Models running within gPROMS can access physical properties via the gPROMS Physical Properties Socket, which has recently been updated and extensively tested against numerous physical properties packages such as Aspen Properties, Multiflash, Simulis, PPDS, COMThermo and IVC-SEP.