- 1:12 PM

Heat Exchanger Rating Using Cape-Open in a Process Modeling Environment

Joseph W. Holmes1, David L. Johnson2, Sunday Ogundiran2, and Mark Lichtenauer3. (1) Heat Transfer Research, Inc., 150 Venture Drive, College Station, TX 77845, (2) BP Chemicals Inc., 12000 Aerospace Ave., Suite 300, Houston, TX 77034, (3) Consultant, 5014 Black Swan Drive, Shawnee, KS 66216

The CAPE-OPEN standards allow external unit operations to be embedded in a process modeling environment using a standard Application Programming Interface (API). This capability was exploited to allow simultaneous rating of heat exchanger unit operations along with process modeling. Additionally, it is demonstrated that the same unit operations can be embedded in multiple commercial process simulators utilizing the same CAPE-OPEN API. The current status of CAPE-OPEN is discussed along with suggestions for future modifications to process simulators and unit operation software to better utilize the CAPE-OPEN standards.