- 10:40 AM

Continuous Reactions with the Micro-Enzyme-Membrane Reactor

Daniela H. Mller and Lasse Greiner. RWTH Aachen, Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry, Worringerweg 1, Aachen, 52074, Germany

Enzyme testing under continuous conditions is often constrained by the amount of biocatalyst available at early stages of process development. We established the Micro-Enzyme-Membrane Reactor (MEMR) with a reactor volume minimised down from 10 mL to 200 l. Results of reactions carried out in the MEMR are presented and compared to previous results. Reactions include enantioselective enzymatic C-C bond formation to hydroxy ketones and reduction of ketones to chiral alcohols. Furthermore, this technology was chosen for introducing microreaction engineering in the chemistry curriculum. By this means continuous biocatalysis and microreaction technology are experienced hands-on by advanced students