- 12:35 PM

From EPR in Micelles to NMR inside Cells: Reflections on a Resonant Collaboration

Douglas S. Clark, Chemical Engineering, University of California, 201 Gilman Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720

This presentation will summarize highlights from my longstanding association and research collaboration with Harvey Blanch. Our interaction has encompassed research projects ranging from spectroscopic studies of enzyme structure and function in reverse micelles and supercritical fluids (one of many innovations pioneered by the Blanch Group) to metabolic flux analyses of cultured mammalian cells (inspired by the Blanch Group's groundbreaking work with hybridomas). Like much of Harvey's research, these projects span molecular and macroscopic scales, and relate fundamental properties of complex systems to relevant applications of such systems in practice. Select technical results of these and other joint projects will be presented; however, no discussion of Harvey's far-reaching influence would be complete without acknowledgment of Harvey's world famous Úlan. To that end, a few personal perspectives on Harvey--as a colleague, collaborator, and mentor--will be offered.