- 12:51 PM

Prosimplus: New Cape-Open Capabilities

Alain Vacher, Stéphane Dechelotte, and Olivier Baudouin. ProSim, Stratege Batiment A, BP 2738, Labege Cedex, 31312, France

ProSimPlus is the general steady state process simulator developed by ProSim company and used by many industrial customers. In the current presentation, we show its new CAPE-OPEN capabilities. Now, on the one hand, ProSimPlus offers CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic plug and socket facilities after the integration of the new thermodynamic calculation server of ProSim called Simulis Thermodynamics. So, ProSimPlus is able to perform thermodynamic calculations using external models but also to create CAPE-OPEN property packages useable within other CAPE-OPEN compliant software. We demonstrate an example of use of a third-party CAPE-OPEN property package within ProSimPlus. On the other hand, ProSimPlus also offers a CAPE-OPEN unit socket to be able to call external models for unit operations. An illustration is made with the use of two CAPE-OPEN unit operations, a first developed by ProSim and another one from a third-party company. So, with this support of the CAPE-OPEN standard, ProSimPlus purposes a new way to integrate customers' know-how.