- 10:30 AM

Temporal Mixing for Attenuation of Time Dependent Variations

Oliver Smith, John E. Palamara, and David R. Graham. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., 7201 Hamilton Blvd.,, Allentown, PA 18195

A new method is presented for attenuating time dependent composition or temperature variations in fluid streams. We refer to this new method as temporal mixing, or mixing in time. Temporal mixing involves passing fluid streams through a vessel or configuration of vessels that exhibits a certain residence time distribution (RTD). While conventional configurations such as a buffer tank or stirred tank provide some attenuation, new temporal mixing configurations are described which exhibit the theoretically best attenuation possible. Although this ideal case can not be realized in practice, a vessel that closely approximates it is described. Dynamic and CFD simulations, based on real plant data, are used to show how this vessel significantly improves the attenuation achieved over that attained with conventional methods. This presentation will focus on the development and implementation of this technology into Air Product's world class hydrogen production facilities, saving millions of dollars every year.