Engineering Advances in Combinatorial Chemistry Relevant to Heterogeneous Catalysis

Mark A. Krawczyk1, Jesper Bennetsen2, Arne Karlsson2, Ivar M. Dahl2, and Thor Mejdall2. (1) Exploratory and Fundamentals, UOP LLC, 25 East Algonquin, Des Plaines, IL 60017, (2) Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry, SINTEF, P.O. Box 124, Blindern N-0314, Forskningsveien 1, Oslo, Norway

Successful collaboration with SINTEF has delivered a portfolio of combinatorial systems consisting of catalyst synthesis, heat treatment, low-pressure and high-pressure vapor-phase test systems. In order to augment capabilities, proof-of-principle testing has been conducted to evaluate feasibility of a combinatorial-scale trickle-bed reactor. A reactor effluent vaporization zone for mixed-phase and liquid-phase applications was considered. The effect of trickle bed reactor length vis--vis axial dispersion phenomenon was assessed. The power of the test has been demonstrated by comparing experimental and commercial catalysts.

As industry leaders, UOP and SINTEF maintain active programs to further combinatorial applications relevant to heterogeneous catalysis and reactor development. In addition to the combinatorial-scale trickle-bed reactor, design kits have been developed to adapt the high-pressure sampling system. Implementation permits investigation of a wider range of reactor pressures and process chemistries.