Wednesday, 2 November 2005: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
207 (Cincinnati Convention Center)

Membrane-Based Separations (02d)

#386 - Advances in Liquid Separation Membranes and Applications: Part III (02D03)
Cochairs:Norman N. Li
Isabel Escobar
Chair:D. Bhattacharyya
3:15 PMFundamentals and Applications of Pervaporation through Zeolite Membranes (Invited Keynote Speaker)
Richard Noble, John L. Falconer, Travis Bowen
3:55 PMEnhanced Surface Flow Membranes for Ethanol Separation
Yanling Wu, Rakesh Govind
4:13 PMMechanisms of Chemical Cleaning of Organic-Fouled Reversed Osmosis Membranes
Wui Seng Ang, Sangyoup Lee, Menachem Elimelech
4:31 PMHigh Temperature Proton-Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells
He Bai, W.S. Winston Ho
4:49 PMSynthetic Sulfonated Polyimide Membranes for Dehydration of Isopropanol
Shude Xiao, Xianshe Feng, Robert Y.M. Huang, Md. Nasim Hyder, Pu Chen, Peter L. Douglas, Rajinder Pal, Apichit Svang-Ariyaskul
5:07 PMPolymerization Induced Phase Separation and Its Effects on Water Uptake, Flux, and Other Properties of Crosslinked Poly(Ethylene Glycol)
Conor A. Braman, Dr. Benny D. Freeman, Douglass S. Kalika, Teruhiko Kai, Sumod Kalakkunnath
5:25 PMCharacterization of Sulfonated Polysulfone Membranes Modified by Ion Beam Irradiation
Rama Chennamsetty, Isabel Escobar
Sponsor:Separations Division

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