Monday, 31 October 2005: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Cincinnati Convention Center)

Materials Engineering and Sciences Division (08)

#142 - MESD Poster Session (08000)
This session features poster presentations concerning all research areas in the materials engineering and science division (MESD). A student poster competition will be held for this session. All student presenters are eligible for the competition. The winners will be announced in the MESD plenary session.
CoChair:Yossef A. Elabd
Chair:Chih-hung (Alex) Chang
Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Study and Improve Multihole Schwarz Melt-Blowing Dies
Holly M. Krutka, Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou, Robert L. Shambaugh
Comparisons of Methods to Bond Metal and Chitosan: a Biopolymer for Use as an Implant Coating
Holly J. Martin, Kirk H. Schulz, Joel D. Bumgardner
Mechanistic Modeling of Nitroxide-Mediated Controlled Radical Polymerization of Gradient Copolymers
Andrew S. Cho, Linda Broadbelt
Adhesion and Viability of Liver Cells on Potential Bioreactor Materials
Jeremiah Whittenton, Rashmi Sundararajan, Omair Khan, Dan Bauer, Adam Capitano
The Influence of N-Vinyl Pyrrolidinone on the Photopolymerization Kinetics and Mechanical Properties in Copolymerization with Acrylates with Increasing Functionality
Timothy J. White, William B. Liechty, C. Allan Guymon
Polyolefin-Organoclay Nanocomposites: Properties, Morphology, and Applications
Rhutesh K. Shah, Donald R. Paul
Crystallization, Melting, and Dynamic Relaxation Characteristics of Ptt and Ptt Blends
Sumod Kalakkunnath, Terry W. Humphries, Douglass S. Kalika
Synthesizing Model Block Copolymers Via Atrp: the Utility of Kinetic Modeling in Guiding Experiments
Rahul Sharma, You-Yeon Won
Oxidation of Low Rank Colombian Coals with Hno3-Air
Fredy J. Fredy J. Colpas
Dynamic Relaxation Characteristics of Crosslinked Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Networks and Composites
Sumod Kalakkunnath, Haiqing Lin, Scott T. Matteucci, Benny D. Freeman, Douglass S. Kalika
Assembly of Carbon Tube-in-Tube Nanostructures
xi Liu
Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism of Nickel Fiber Synthesis
Kuo-Cheng Huang, Kan-Sen Chou, Kai-Ying Huang
Simulation of Contraction Flow of a Polystyrene – Carbon Dioxide Solution through an Axisymmetric Extrusion Foaming Die
Shunahshep Shukla, Kurt W. Koelling
Pickering Emulsions - a Paradigm Shift
Sowmitri Tarimala, Chih-yuan Wu, Lenore L. Dai
Fabrication of Magnetic Nickel-Tungsten-Phosphorus Particles by Electroless Deposition
Chun-Han Chen, Ming-Kai Chang, Bing-Hung Chen, D. J. Lee
Influence of Heating Rate on Fine Structures of Japanese Cedar Chars
Takanori Baba, Masatoshi Komiya, Yoshinobu Otake
Control of Crystal Structure and Its Defect of Ε-Hniw Prepared by Evaporation Crystallization
Myung Ho Lee, Youngeun Kim, Woo-Sik Kim
A Novel Application of Solubility Parameter in Extraction of Bioactive Substances from Natural Products
Youngeun Kim, Ji-Hwan Hwang, Myung-Ho Lee, Woo-Sik Kim
A Morphological Investigation of Soot Coming from the Detonation of Munitions
Dana Pantea, Sylvie Brochu, Sonia Thiboutot, Guy Ampleman, Günter Scholz
Transport of Water in Nafion® Using Time-Resolved Ftir-Atr Spectroscopy
Daniel T. Hallinan Jr., Yossef A. Elabd
Conformal Coating of Ceramic Nanoparticles Via Atomic Layer Deposition
Luis F. Hakim, Guodong Zhan, Steven M. George, Alan W. Weimer
Synthesis & Characterization of Polyimide/ Poss Nanocomposites
Pallavi P. Kulkarni, Maria Coleman
Continuous Flow Microreactor for Chemical Bath Deposition
Y.-J. Chang, P.H. Mudgar, D.-H. Lee, C.-H. Chang, S.-Y. Han, S.-O. Ryu, T.-J. Lee
Elastic Modulus and Hardness Studies of Single Crystal Zeolites Mfi, Fer, and Cha
Christopher M. Lew, Zijian Li, Mark Johnson, Wayne Sun, Junlan Wang, Yushan Yan
Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Polyalkenoate Cements Designed as Portland Cement Substitutes
Brian Grady, Diego Acosta, Gary Funkhouser
Zeolite Y Coatings on Al-2024-T3 Substrate by a Novel Three-Step Synthesis Method
Ronnie A. Munoz Jr., Derek Beving, Yachun Mao, Yushan Yan
Evaluation of the Extraction and Swelling of Colombian Coals
Fredy J. Colpas Castillo
Uv-Induced Tunability of Refractive Index for Dielectric Films Via Photoacid-Catalyzed Decomposition of Templated Sacrificial Polymers
Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Jassem Abdallah, Paul Kohl
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Corrosion Resistance of Vanadium Zsm-5 Films
Yachun Mao, Derek Beving, Ronnie Munoz, Yushan Yan
Superhydrophobic Conducting Polymer Films: Synthesis and Reversible Wettability
Lianbin Xu, Wilfred Chen, Ashok Mulchandani, Yushan Yan
Molecular Studies of Proteins Encapsulated in Hydrogels
Torres-Lugo Madeline, David Jiménez, Angelines Castro, Juan López-Garriga, Gustavo López, Jorge Ríos-Steiner
Zeolite a Coatings for Use in Condensing Heat Exchangers Onboard Manned Spacecraft
Cory R. O'Neill, Derek Beving, Andrew M. P. McDonnell, Wilfred Chen, Yushan Yan
Electroless Deposition of Transparent Conducting Zn2Sno4 for Solar Cell Applications
Rong Zhang, Lei Kerr, Shashi Lalvani, Gautham B. Jegadeesan
Impact of Carbon Nanofibers on Cure Kinetics and Viscosity of Vinyl Ester Resin System
Bhavya M. Mehta, Dr. John P. Dismukes, Dr. Maria R. Coleman
Computer Aided Design for Engineering Elastomers
Ayush Goyal, Priyan Patkar, Shivani Syal, Jun Caoj, Venkat Venkatasubramanian, James M Caruthers
An Investigation of Nickel-Based Amorphous Alloys and Their Corrosion Products
Noppadon Sathitsuksanoh, Kanchan Mondal, Shashi Lalvani
Dynamic Modeling of Solid-State Polymerization of Bisphenol a in a Moving Packed Bed Reactor
Yuesheng Ye, Kyu Y. Choi
Morphology, Composition and Thermal Stability of Flame-Made Zirconia-Based Mixed Oxides
Rainer Jossen, Martin C. Heine, Sotiris E. Pratsinis, Kamal M. Akhtar
Study of the Pir"Lisis of Organic Residues and Waste Water, for the Light Obtaining of Petroleum
fredy J. Colpas, Mario Riccio Molinares, Giselle Fernandez
The Effect of Filler and Diamine Size on the Fracture Toughness of Alumina Reinforced Epoxy Composites
Laura M. McGrath, Richard Parnas, Joseph L. Lenhart, Saskia H. King
Chemical Vapor Deposition Copolymerization of Functionalized Paracyclophanes: an Approach Towards Multivalent Surface Coatings
Yaseen Elkasabi, Hsien-Yeh Chen, Joerg Lahann
Effects of Template-Monomer Complex Formation on the Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Aqueous Medium
Lorena R. Padró-Cortés, Ortega-Fuentes Carlos, E.Juan-García Eduardo, Torres-Lugo Madeline
Synthesis and Characterization of pH-Sensitive Poly(Ethylene Glycol) -Rich Full Interpenetrated Polymer Networks for Controlled Drug Delivery
Nilmarie Santos-Roman, Adriana A. Reyes-Barcelo, Jimmy Marrero, Madeline Torres-Lugo
The Kinetics and Mechanism of Rapid Nickel Oxalate Thermal Decomposition
Casey Carney, Christopher Gump, Alan W. Weimer
Microinjection Molding of Microstructures - Experimental and Numerical Simulation
Abdessalem Derdouri, Florin Ilinca, Jean-Francois Hétu
Combinatorial Studies of Phase Behavior in Polyanhydride Blends
Jon B. Thorstenson, Balaji Narasimhan
Polymeric Nano-Porous Materials Prepared Via Interfacial Polymerization in Soft Ionic Liquids
Chien-Yueh Huang, Lining Zhu, Mu-Ping Nieh, Jing Zhang, Jing Wu
Towards Molecular Simulation of Polythiophene Oligomers
Michael L. Hobbs, Michael L. Greenfield
Polyimide-Polysiloxane Segmented Copolymers for Fuel Cell Applications
Lijun Zou, Mitchell Anthamatten
Real-Time and in-Process Monitoring and Control of Polymerization Processes
Eric J. Hukkanen
Functional Polymer-Polymer Nanocomposites
Mohamed Aflal M.R., Giuseppe R. Palmese
Experimental Study of Slip Flow in the Semi-Hyperbolically Converging Dies
Prajakta A. Kamerkar, Brian J. Edwards
A Generalized Approach to Construction of Complex Tissues
Yong Yang, Yubing Xie, Ly James Lee, Douglas Kniss
Numerical Modelling of Injection Moulding : Comparisons Using the Phan-Than-Teinner & Criminale-Erickson-Fibley Models
Navraj S. Hanspal, Abhijit Kulkarni, Atul N. Waghode, V. Nassehi
Molecularly Smooth Cellulose Surfaces for Adhesion Studies
Hans Riegler, Ronny Sczech
Morphology and Water Barrier Properties of Silane Films: the Effect of Process Parameters
Guirong Pan, Dale W. Schaefer
Material and Process Approaches to the Fabrication of Hierarchically Structured Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Clifford L. Henderson, Benita Comeau, Benjamin Katz
Adsorption and Dissociation Kinetics of Dichlorosilane on Silicon Surface
Deepthi Gopireddy, Javier Rosado, Christos G. Takoudis
Inverted Colloidal Crystals (Icc) Scaffolds as Three Dimensional Microenvironments to Study Cell Interactions in Co-Cultures
Jungwoo Lee, Sachin Shanbhag, Nicholas A. Kotov
Characterization and Fabrication of Capillary Flow Networks in Collagen-Based Scaffolds for the Development of Tissue-Engineered Products with Built-in Microvasculature
Vijayakumar Janakiraman, Brian Kienitz, Harihara Baskaran
Hydrothermal Degradation of Bis-Silane Films
Dale W. Schaefer, Yimin Wang, Guirong Pan, Michael S. Kent, Hyun Kim, Jaraslaw Majewski
Photoacid Diffusion in Photoresist Polymer Thin Films: Approaches for Measurement and Control of Thin Film Acid Diffusion
Cheng-Tsung Lee, Clifford L. Henderson
Nano– and Layered–Morpholgies in Atactic/Syndiotactic Polystyrene Blends
Xia Liao, Arghavan Victoria Nawaby, Y. Paul Handa
Quantification of Bioparticulate Adhesion on Polymeric Surfaces Using Atomic Force Microscopy
B. Reginald Thio, Carson Meredith
Blending Chitosan with Polycaprolactone: Effect on Physicochemical Characteristics and Anti-Bacterial Activity
Aparna Sarasam, Rajendra K. Krishnaswamy, Sundararajan V. Madihally
Directed Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers – Microstructural Control of Functional Materials
Chinedum Osuji
Sponsor:Materials Engineering and Sciences Division

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