Tuesday, 1 November 2005: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
261 (Cincinnati Convention Center)

Nuclear Engineering Division (14)

#210 - Developments in Thermochemical and Electrolytic Routes to Hydrogen Production: Part I (14006)
This symposium focuses on nontraditional methods for generating hydrogen that would reduce reliance on fossil fuels, in particular those that use heat from a nuclear power plant to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen by thermochemical or electrolytic means. This session focuses on assessment of thermochemical hydrogen production methods and the most novel hydrogen production processes.
CoChair:Maximilian B. Gorensek
Chair:Amy C. Taylor
12:30 PMHythec: Aims and First Assessments of an Ec Funded Project on Massive Scale Hydrogen Production Via Thermochemical Cycles
Ray W. K. Allen, Bruce C. R. Ewan, Geoff H. Priestman, Rachael Elder, Alain Le Duigou, Jean-Marc Borgard, Bruno Larousse, Denis Doizi, C. Eysseric, Giovanni Cerri, Giovanni de Maria, Coriolano Salvini, Ambra Giovannelli, Martin Roeb, Nathalie Monnerie, Mark Schmitz, Christian Sattler, Arturo Buenaventura, Stephane Dechelotte, Olivier Baudouin
12:50 PMA Standardized Method for Evaluating the Potential of Alternative Thermochemical Cycles
Michele Lewis, Joseph Masin
1:10 PMAssessing the Efficiency Limits for Hydrogen Production by Thermochemical Cycles
Bruce C. R. Ewan, R W K Allen
1:30 PMProduction of H2 by Hydrolysis of Zn Aerosol Freshly Made by Evaporation and Condensation
Frank O. Ernst, Antonio Tricoli, Sotiris E. Pratsinis, Aldo Steinfeld
1:50 PMReaction Kinetics and Modeling of the Aerosol Thermal Decomposition of Zno in for Solar Thermochemical Production of H2
Christopher Perkins, Paul Lichty, Alan W. Weimer
2:10 PMRadiolytic Water Splitting: Demonstration at the Pm3-a Reactor
Alfred Schneider
Sponsor:Nuclear Engineering Division

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