Thursday, 3 November 2005: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Bronze Ballroom A (Millennium Hotel)

Topical A - American Electrophoresis Society Annual Meeting (TA)

#485 - Advances in Electrokinetics and Electrophoresis (TA009)
Electrokinetic techniques continue to play a leading role in technologies ranging from nanoparticle characterization and directed electronics assembly to micropumps and micromixers to biosensors and DNA sequencing. In this session, we invite submissions related to the development of new technologies in any of these areas, from both the fundamental and applied perspectives. Suitable topics include: microfluidic networks and their applications (including mixing, reaction, separations, or transport processes); complex particles and surfaces (nanoparticles, heterogeneous particles, biological cells, soft particles); electrokinetically-directed assembly; electrokinetic effects in non-polar media; novel applications of electrokinetic phenomena (biosensors, displays, environmental or chemical assays); and novel measurement techniques (electrophoretic mobility, charge nonuniformity, forces, electro-acoustics, electro-optics).
Chair:James C. Baygents
12:30 PMBrownian Dynamic Simulations of Electrophoresis and Electro-Stretching of DNA Molecules
Richard S. Graham, Ronald G. Larson
12:50 PMElectrophoresis of Large DNA Molecules in Microcontractions
Patrick Doyle, Greg C. Randall
1:10 PMTime Scales in Polymer Electrophoresis through Narrow Constrictions: a Brownian Dynamics Study
Ajay S. Panwar, Satish Kumar
1:30 PMDNA Sequencing by Free-Solution Conjugate Electrophoresis with Genetically Engineered Protein Polymer Drag-Tags
Jennifer S. Lin, Robert J. Meagher, Jong-In Won, Russell D. Haynes, Annelise E. Barron
1:50 PMFaradaic Reactions as the Source of Net Aggregation/Separation of Colloidal Particle Doublets in 100 Hz Alternating Electric Fields
Jeffrey A. Fagan, Dennis C. Prieve, Paul J. Sides
2:10 PMFractal Design of Electrokinetic Network
Xin Hu, Shengnian Wang, Yi-Je Juang, Ly James Lee
2:30 PMMeasurement of the Zeta Potential of Planar Solid Surfaces by Means of a Rotation Disk
James D. Hoggard, Paul J. Sides, Dennis C. Prieve
Sponsor:Topical A - American Electrophoresis Society Annual Meeting

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