Monday, 31 October 2005: 8:00 AM-12:30 PM
204 (Cincinnati Convention Center)

Membrane-Based Separations (02d)

#30 - Modeling Transport through Membranes I (02D12)
Papers are sought in all areas of membrane transport from molecular transport in membrane materials to mass transfer in membrane modules. Work related to applications in fuel processing, energy production, and bioseparations is of particular interest.
CoChair:Alan Gabelman
Chair:Glenn Lipscomb
8:00 AMCombining Previous Theoretical Analyses into an in Silico Predictive Global Model for Microfiltration of Complex Suspensions and Macromolecular Solutions
Gautam Baruah, Adith Venkiteshwaran, Georges Belfort
8:42 AMModeling Pilot-Scale Cross-Flow Filtration of Simulated Nuclear Waste
Michael Poirier, Samuel D. Fink, Ralph Haggard, Vince Van brunt, Travis Deal
9:04 AMModeling Flow through Microfiltration Membranes Using Data from High-Resolution 3d Imaging
Karsten E. Thompson, J.T. Fredrich, Chase Duclos-Orsello, Jack Lewnard
9:26 AMMedium Swelling and Pleat Crowding Effects in Cartridge Filters
Atul N. Waghode, Navraj S. Hanspal, Abhijit Kulkarni, V. Nassehi, R. J Wakeman
9:48 AMA Predictive Numerical Model for Unsteady State Scale Formation in a Spiral-Wound Membrane Module with Channel Spacers
Eric Lyster, Anditya Rahardianto, Michal Uchymiak, Yoram Cohen
10:10 AMModel Based Design of Structured Polymers Using the Reverse Design Approach
Vipasha Soni, Jens Abildskov, Gunnar E. Jonsson, Rafiqul Gani, Nikos Ch. Karayiannis, Vlasis Mavrantzas
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