Thursday, 3 November 2005: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
213 (Cincinnati Convention Center)

Adsorption and Ion Exchange (02e)

#515 - PSA/TSA (02E04)
This session will focus on the development and use of pressure or temperature swing adsorption processes for gas or liquid separations. Papers describing new industrial processes / cycles / applications are strongly desired. The investigations can be theoretical (e.g., simulations), experimental, or (most preferably) a combination of the two.
CoChair:Roger D. Whitley
Chair:Jose P. Mota
12:30 PMA Numerical Method for the Accurate Simulation of Fast Cyclic Adsorption Processes
Stefano Brandani, Hyungwoong Ahn
12:48 PMPsa Cycle Selection for Binary Gas Separations Dual Reflux, Rectifying or Stripping Cycles?
Paul A. Webley, David T. Kearns
1:06 PMDevelopment of a High Recovery O2 Pvsa System
Roger D. Whitley, Matthew J. LaBuda, Glenn P. Wagner, Craig E. Steigerwalt
1:24 PMConcentration and Recovery of Carbon Dioxide at High Temperature with Heavy Reflux Psa Cycles
Steven P. Reynolds, Armin D. Ebner, James A. Ritter
1:42 PMPrepurification of Air Using an Advanced Thermal-Pressure Swing Adsorption (Tpsa) Cycle
Andrew D. Wright, Mohammad A. Kalbassi, Timothy C. Golden
2:00 PMGas Separation by a Novel Hybrid Membrane/Pressure Swing Adsorption Concept: Case Studies
Isabel A. A. C. Esteves, J.P.B. Mota
2:18 PMModeling and Simulation of a Combined Reactor/Pressure Swing Adsorption Unit for Isomerization of a Mixed Feed of Pentanes and Hexanes
Kevin F. Loughlin, Tareg M. Al-Soudani
2:36 PMPropylene Purification by Applying & Pi - Complexation Adsorbent
Soon-Haeng Cho, Sang-Sup Han, Jong-Nam Kim, Hee-Tae Beum, Jong-Ho Park
Sponsor:Separations Division

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