Wednesday, 2 November 2005: 8:00 AM-10:30 AM
202 (Cincinnati Convention Center)

Topical E - Sustainable Engineering. (TE)

#328 - Incorporation of Sustainability in Education (TE011)
Sustainability has been defined as meeting today s needs relative to the consumption of world s resources and in an environmentally acceptable manner without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. This session invites papers on how the concepts of sustainable development are being integrated into engineering education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Curriculum initiatives that attempt to integrate aspects of technology development, engineering design, economics, and soceital issues are of particular interest. Projects ranging from a single course in a single discipline to integrated efforts involving multiple courses and disciplines (undergraduate minors, graduate certificates, research/education institutes, etc.) are welcome to submit.
Chair:David R. Shonnard
8:00 AMIncorporating Life Cycle Analysis into the Curriculum
Robert P. Hesketh, C. Stewart Slater, Daniel Fichana, Erin Frey
8:30 AMIntegrating Sustainability into Engineering Curriculum: Case Study-Based Learning
Adisa Azapagic
9:00 AMIntegrating Sustainability into Chemical & Biological Engineering Curricula at Ubc
H. Tony Bi
9:30 AMSustainable Energy: Choosing among Options
Elisabeth M. Drake, Jeff Tester, Mike Golay
10:00 AMEnhancing the Sustainability of Chemical Practices in Academic Laboratories
Jacqueline Tio, Lisa Song, Kendra Ann Bussey, Anneloes Hesen, Susan Leite, Bill Van Schalkwyk, Jamie Lewis Keith, Jeffrey I. Steinfeld
Sponsor:Topical E - Sustainable Engineering
Cosponsors:Education; Environmental Division

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