Monday, 31 October 2005: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Statesman (Millennium Hotel)

Systems and Process Control (10b)

#64 - Future Directions in Systems and Control (10B07)
This session aims to examine new directions for process control research. After the two decades of intensive research on model predictive control, which has achieved a certain level of maturity by now, the process control community is looking for a new concept or methodology that will have the same kind of far-reaching and enduring impact on academic research and industrial practice. Presentations will be sought on promising approaches that have the potentials of bringing a paradigm shift or opening a brand new application area for process control, to spawn a wide range of research activities in the community.
CoChair:Jay H. Lee
Chair:Francis J Doyle III
12:30 PMA Framework for Integrating Model Predictive Controllers to Control Large-Scale Systems
Aswin N. Venkat, James B. Rawlings, Stephen J. Wright
12:50 PMEngineering Negative Feedback Regulation in Cells
Kang Wu, Christopher V. Rao
1:10 PMApproximate Dynamic Programming Based Strategy for Markov Decision Problems in Process Control and Scheduling
Jay H. Lee
1:30 PMIntegrating Finance and Control for Process Operations
Jeffrey C. Kantor
1:50 PMIntegrating Physics and Process Control
B. Erik Ydstie
2:10 PMControl Structure Design: New Developments and Future Directions
Vinay Kariwala, Sigurd Skogestad
2:30 PMA Global Optimization Approach to the Design of Stabilizing Controllers
YoungJung Chang, Nick Sahinidis
Sponsor:Computing and Systems Technology Division

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